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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Transportation beyond expectations

Our Services

Our Services

Offering an outstanding service is part of our culture. Our focus is to ensure the best care to each customer from the moment of contact until the very end.  We seek to provide a more than satisfactory experience that surpasses customer expectations.

Our Services range from the following

Transportation to and from

& Discharge

Medical Appointments

Dialysis Centers

Adult Daycare Centers


Pharmacies (medication

and other Services

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

GMP Transportation

GMP Transportation Services is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company that provides ambulatory transportation to individuals. Our goal is to deliver the best care to each customer, providing service beyond our customer expectations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is that each client is provided with a quality service tailored to their special needs by offering a safe and hassle free transportation. We aim to please our customers with integrity, respect, care, compassion and professionalism.

Each Transporter Specialist Must: 
  • Be CTAA Certified

  • Be DOT Certified

  • Passed Background check

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